D. Marie ~ Vocals, Guitar
Danielle Walsh, also known as D. Marie, was formerly lead singer of the Bay Area based swing group, Jitterbug Riot. She now joins The House Cats to create a more soulful take on old school rock and rockabilly. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Danielle moved to the San Francisco to attend college. While attending school, Danielle joined forces with an accompanist and started playing shows throughout the city. Eventually landing a house gig at the 1940's inspired Supper Club, Old Skool Cafe. After two years at the Supper Club, Danielle was offered an opportunity to audition for NBC's The Voice, Season 5. The Voice was an extraordinary journey for Danielle and when it came to an end, the immense talent amongst her during her time with The Voice inspired her to start Jitterbug Riot in 2013. After two years with the band, they disbanded in January of 2016 and Danielle was introduced to The House Cats later in the year. Danielle's eclectic music taste ranges amongst all genres. Some of her biggest inspirations include Amy Winehouse, Sharon Jones, Marvin Gaye and several other soulful artists. Playing with The House Cats, she hopes to bring people a more modern take on Rockabilly and Motown-like tunes. 

JEFF ~ Guitar, Upright Bass, Harmonica
Jeff Weber, multi-instrumentalist, picked up the guitar in his teens after playing trumpet in school bands.  Having played mandolin and bass in various bluegrass bands he currently plays guitar, upright bass and harmonica in D. Marie and the House Cats.  A native of Palo Alto, Jeff enjoys many musical styles but is really excited about the R &B sound of D. Marie and the House Cats. Former bands include rock/pop Grounds For Dismissal, My Alibi, Ession and the instrumental surf band BroDaddy.  Jeff lives by the motto, “too much music is just barely enough.” 

TIM~ Guitar, Bass, Trumpet

Mr. Timothy Reid is a life-long musician starting with the trumpet in grade school, adding guitar to his skill set in high school, and along the way becoming an accomplished working guitarist/vocalist as well as a solo home studio recording artist.  At the age of 24 Mr. Reid moved from hometown Farmington Hills, MI to Dallas, Texas from 1985 to 2000 to start a career in IT as a system administrator in enterprise corporate environments.  In 2000, his career took him from Texas to the San Francisco Bay Area California where he lives today in Pacifica, CA.  Mr. Reid has a long history of playing popular rock-n-roll and blues in every major city where he has lived.

Mike ~ Drums, Keyboards

Longtime Bayarea musician, drummer Mike Wiebenson has been the solid rhythm heartbeat for many bands ranging many musical styles over the years.  Influenced from a young age by artists across both rock and jazz, he has been performing in local clubs from the age of 18, playing in small jazz lounges, country bars, dance clubs, and variety of rock venues.  As a freelance drummer, local agencies booked him with many local artists, playing social and corporate events across the bay.  Most recently collaborating with bandmate Jeff on the surf rock band, Brodaddy, a cover rock band, My Alibi, and guest drummer with the original song talent of the band Ession.  As the drummer with The House Cats, he also brings to the stage his longtime passion for playing keyboards to round out the instrumentation of this multi-talented group of musicians.